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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
src/components/bios/statedefs.h [code]
src/components/host/ac_cfg.h [code]
src/components/host/avrdude.h [code]
src/components/host/fileio.h [code]
src/components/host/serial.h [code]
src/components/host/SerialShims.h [code]
src/components/host/sfbdl.cppMinimal cross-platform host-side support for downloading through the tertiary bootloader
src/components/host/sfbprog.cppLinux host-side support for burning through the tertiary bootloader
src/include/LPC23xx_HOST_MODE.h [code]
src/include/random.h [code]
src/include/sfb.h [code]Roll-up 'everything that's fit to include' header file
src/include/SFBAlarm.h [code]Support for time-based events
src/include/SFBAssert.h [code]Support for assertions
src/include/SFBBootBlock.h [code]Support for the SFB boot block
src/include/SFBByteBuffer.h [code]Support circular byte buffering between UART interrupt level and background packet dispatching
src/include/SFBChecksum.h [code]A cryptographically insecure but fairly fast and small checksum
src/include/SFBCodeFlow.h [code]The SFB Code Flow protocol allows SFB's to program each other
src/include/SFBConstants.h [code]Various constant definitions
src/include/SFBEeprom.h [code]Reading and writing the SFB onboard EEPROM
src/include/SFBErrors.h [code]Definitions of the failed assertion 'blink codes'
src/include/SFBFrame.h [code]Class packet framing methods
src/include/SFBHeap.h [code]
src/include/SFBHWI2C.h [code]Beta support for access to I2C hardware, with the IXM acting as I2C master only
src/include/SFBHWMisc.h [code]Miscellaneous hardware-specific routines
src/include/SFBHWPins.h [code]Platform-independent access to the platform-dependent low-level pin support
src/include/SFBHWPinsBoard.h [code]Board-specific pin function definitions
src/include/SFBHWPinsHost.h [code]Host-specific shims around pin definitions
src/include/SFBHWPWM.h [code]Support for h/w-based Pulse Width Modulation
src/include/SFBHWSerial.h [code]Platform-independent access to the platform-dependent low-level serial support
src/include/SFBHWSerialBoard.h [code]Low-level serial support for the board
src/include/SFBHWSerialPortable.h [code]Low-level serial support for the (Unix / Posix / *?) host
src/include/SFBHWTimer.h [code]Support for h/w-based timer interrupts
src/include/SFBInterrupts.h [code]Support for user-level interrupt handling
src/include/SFBMacros.h [code]Various utility macro definitions
src/include/SFBMath.h [code]
src/include/SFBMemory.h [code]Support for 'Working Memory' - redispatching packets
src/include/SFBNet.h [code]Simple 'functional gradient' network routing; see SFBNet for details
src/include/SFBPacket.h [code]Packet structure and access methods
src/include/SFBPins.h [code]Definitions of the programmer visible 'pins' in SFB
src/include/SFBPower.h [code]Power control and monitoring routines for the SFB
src/include/SFBPrint.h [code]Support for basic formatted printing
src/include/SFBPrintf.h [code]Support for simple packet-customized printf- and scanf-like functions
src/include/SFBProcessor.h [code]CPU speed setting and control routines via the Processor object
src/include/SFBProvenance.h [code]Support for tracking sketch origins data
src/include/SFBProvenanceData.h [code]The actual program description block itself, compiled anew on every build
src/include/SFBQLED.h [code]Queuing system to blink the built-in LEDs without blocking
src/include/SFBRandom.h [code]Arduino-compatible random number API for the SFB
src/include/SFBReactor.h [code]Register packet handlers and dispatch packets
src/include/SFBReflex.h [code]Reflex-related declarations and macros
src/include/SFBSDRaw.h [code]Bit-banged SDCard raw disk access
src/include/SFBSerial.h [code]Support for high-level packet exchange over serial lines
src/include/SFBTicker.h [code]A basic 'where do the cycles go?' profiling system
src/include/SFBTypes.h [code]Short names for sized ints, and limits
src/include/SFBWatchdog.h [code]'Platform independent' watchdog timer routines
src/include/SFBWiring.h [code]SFB versions of the basic Arduino/Wiring functions
src/include/lpc/clock.h [code]Support for changing/setting the system clock speed
src/include/lpc/fio.h [code]
src/include/lpc/irq.h [code]
src/include/lpc/LPC23xx.h [code]
src/include/lpc/main.h [code]Declarations of the basic sketch functions
src/include/lpc/timer.h [code]LPC2xxx-specific hardware access and configuration routines
src/include/lpc/uart.h [code]

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