SFBHWTimer.h File Reference

Support for h/w-based timer interrupts. More...

#include "SFBTypes.h"

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Data Structures

class  SFBHWTimer
 The representation of a hardware timer. More...


typedef void(* HWTimerHandler )()


SFBHWTimer Timers [5]
 Global array of SFBHWTimer objects. Only indices 1 through 4 are valid.
 Object providing access to hardware timer 1.
 Object providing access to hardware timer 2.
 Object providing access to hardware timer 3.
 Object providing access to hardware timer 4 (shared with SFBHWPWM.h).

Detailed Description

Support for h/w-based timer interrupts.

See the LPC23xx user manual (lpc23xx_um.pdf) Chapter 23 for details of operation, although note that only a limited amount of the full timer functionality is accessible through this API.

Up to four timers can be accessed through this API, denoted Timer1 through Timer4, or by array reference to Timers[1] through Timers[4]. Note that although array entry Timers[0] does exist, it should not be accessed because it corresponds to the master system clock, which is not managed through this API.

Also, be aware that Timer4, although completely usable through this API as just another timer, is actually a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) block in the hardware, the same hardware used by the SFBHWPWM.h code, and so Timer4 must not be accessed through this API if hardware PWM is in use.

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