The Santa Fe Board Programmer's Reference Manual

Warning: This is version 0.9.x documentation! It is getting better, but is still incomplete!


These are the reference pages for the Santa Fe Board (SFB) software, which runs on Illuminato X Machina (IXM) processing cells!

Tutorial examples

If you're new to the SFB and the IXM, start with the SFB in One Minute! If you've already done that, look at some of the Tutorials next!

There are also more Advanced Examples, Peripheral Hardware Examples, and Networking Examples!

This stuff here, where you are now, is the SFB Programmer's Reference Manual. It is mostly aimed at experienced SFB programmers!

For most people: You probably don't want to be here unless you need to be here! If you read this stuff first, you'll probably just get confused!

Having lots of detailed documentation can be an absolute lifesaver when you're deep into a project and need to know exactly how something works. But that same level of detail can be at the very least irrelevant, if not maybe a little be threatening, when you are just starting out!

This manual is grouped into the following sections:

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