This sketch shows how to assign time to a custom category in the profiling system. There are three categories reserved for sketch use: TICKER_SKETCH0, TICKER_SKETCH1, and TICKER_SKETCH2; here we use just the first.

Calls on SFBTicker::pushTime(u32) and SFBTicker::popTime() must be properly matched, as in this sketch. (Be careful if you have return statements buried in the middle of functions!)

Typical output from this sketch in response to 'p' packets:

    Ln 29.598 BG=89.28 SI=0.01 OI=1.60 PH=0.04 AH=0.34 S0=8.71
    Ln 46.299 BG=89.30 SI=0.01 OI=1.60 PH=0.03 AH=0.34 S0=8.70
showing that over 8% of the time is now assigned to our 'sketch 0' category, while background still gets nearly 90%.

// Demonstrate using a custom category with the 'Profile' profiling object
// This sketch is just a small extension to profile2.cpp

void reportProfile(u8 *) {
  logNormal("BG=%f SI=%f OI=%f PH=%f AH=%f S0=%f\n",

void doWork(u32 when) {
  // Normally, time spent in this alarm handler would be assigned to
  // TICKER_ALARM_HANDLER.  But we'll assign it to SKETCH0 instead:

  Ticker.pushTime(TICKER_SKETCH0); // Start billing to a custom category

  // Here we just waste time with a busy loop.  (Note the 'volatile'
  // keeps the compiler from throwing away the whole loop!)
  for (volatile u32 i = 0; i < 100000; ++i) { }  

  Alarms.set(Alarms.currentAlarmNumber(), when+250); // Run four times a second

  Ticker.popTime();                // Finished with our custom work

void setup() {
  Profile.begin();              // Start longer-term profiling system
  QLED.begin();                 // Let's use QLEDs to drive some alarm usage
  Alarms.set(Alarms.create(doWork),millis()); // Create and schedule a worker

void loop() {
  // Spin the LEDs
  for (u32 i = 0, f = NORTH; i <= 3; ++i, f = CLOCKWISE_FACE(f)) {,f),i*80);      // First, increasing off time
    QLED.on(pinInFace(FACE_LED_PIN,f),100);        // then same amount of blink time,f),(3-i)*80);  // then decreasing off time to even up

  // once per second

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