SDRawDiskInfo Struct Reference

Information associated with an SD Card. More...

#include <SFBSDRaw.h>

Data Fields

u32 serialNumber
 Card serial number.
u32 blockCount
 Number of 512 byte blocks in the disk.
u8 manufacturer
 Manufacturer code, e.g., 2==SanDisk.
u8 oem [2+1]
 Two byte ASCII OEM code, plus courtesy null.
u8 product [5+1]
 Five bytes ASCII product code, plus courtesy null.
u8 revision
 Product revision, as two BCD digits (e.g., 0x32==3.2).
u8 year
 Year of manufacture (0 means year 2000).
u8 month
 Month of manufacture (1 means January).
u8 format
 File format code. Unreliable. One-time writable.
bool copy
 Contents is original (0) or a copy (1). One-time writable.
bool writeProtect
 Entire card is permanently write-protected if 1. One-time writable.
bool writeProtectTemporary
 Entire card is currently write-protected if 1. Rewritable.

Detailed Description

Information associated with an SD Card.

Read via SDRaw::getInfo(). Writing not currently supported.

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