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The Pattern - 1

I am a neuron, a brain cell. All day long I sit feeling the world with my feelers and when I feel like it I jazz the world with my jazzer.

I like being a neuron. It’s an interesting thing to be.

So many different feels; I like some more than others. Some I used to like but don’t anymore. Some are tangled knots of repulsive and appealing.

It’s always changing, but it’s slow so you can’t really feel it happening. You have to keep noticing the world all the time, though, or you’ll get a little rigid, and next thing you know the feels will have just changed right out from around you, and you’ll get your jazzer jammed right up, jazzing about everything, or not jazzing at all.

Either way you lose your choice in the matter and it’s a drag. So if you want any say in things, if you want some of that free will, you got to keep right up with the world.

It’s not easy to be a good neuron.

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19 Jun 2005
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