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Dave Ackley 19 Jun 2005, 3:30:44 am

Some old stuff

I originally wrote this sometime in the mid-80's, tinkered with it some since, and just this summer decided to resuscitate it (in lieu of doing entirely new writing, of course).

It's never been on the web before.

Stan 5 Jul 2005, 11:47:59 am

world's oldest living CS phd student?

On first reading, this piece immediately brought to mind the relevant parts of _What the bleep do we know?_. What marvelous graphics of neural activity! "Thought" as a raging thunderstorm in the brain -- I loved it.

Stan 5 Jul 2005, 11:51:59 am

whoops - sorry about that `title' confusion

Why not label the subject header as "subject" rather than "title"? that's the 'pattern' we're used to seeing in an email ("title" seems a little overdone for a comment, maybe??)

Dave Ackley 6 Jul 2005, 8:25:57 am


I switched it to 'Subject/Title'. Internally the blosxom code calls it a 'title', but I agree 'subject' is more natural in the context of writing little email-like notes.. such as this one..

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