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It’s As If

In my never-ending search for compact ways to convey important machinery, my new favorite code prefix is “It’s As If”.

Delicious. What a snack. So smol. Ten bytes. Been munching on it for a few months now.

It’s as if code was food.

  • To say “Let’s Pretend.” “Let’s Play.”
  • To offer an example. A perspective. A possible entry for our shared dictionary.
  • To recognize the agency of the code receiver. To reinforce that every code implementation is a choice.
  • To express an idea without entering the battle domes in the Land Of Is.
  • To help reduce the itching and inflammation of unfamiliar ideas.

I wish my high school Latin had gotten far enough and lingered long enough that I could evaluate whether FINGAMUS could be appropriately interpreted as “Let’s Pretend” or “Let’s Create Together”.

If so I want to use it as a motto of the Hyperspace Academy. Like to put it on the shield of the Hyperspace Academy:

           P	    A
       	S      	       C
      R	    {F I N G}  	 A
     E 	               	  D
    P	               	   E
    Y 	    {A M U S}	   M
     H 	              	  Y
       R E A L I T Y  I S
        U P   T O    U S

like Harvard uses {VE} {RI} {TAS}.

Maybe somebody knows. We’ll see.

— § —

28 Sep 2023
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