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My Instinct Is To Go Internal

What I typically want to talk about is what I’m thinking about. Which is pretty much a tautology isn’t it. How could I even talk about what I’m not thinking about?

But officially here, I think, I’m supposed to go external. I’m supposed to talk about stuff in the world. And only after that am I allowed to talk about what I think about the stuff whatever.

So in some sense it should be just a slight rotation of the cycle. It should be

instead of
Reaction instead of action, which I’m supposed to prefer. I always claim I’m a counterpuncher.

So what is it? What’s the problem?

Is it I’m just too lazy to remember whatever triggered the thought I want to start with? Or: My thought doesn’t actually deal effectively with whatever the trigger was? So starting with the actual trigger won’t be a good lead into the thought?

Who knows. But come on.

So fuck it, what did I see yesterday? Trump Org dismantlement proceeding in NY. Some progress. If it ends up being death by a thousand cuts, good enough, whatever it takes.

Biden first sitting US President to ‘visit’, if not exactly walk a picket line, with the UAW. Step by step, so to speak. The union makes us strong.

What you say, unions are corrupt? Sometimes, perhaps, but at least they’re our corrupt for a change.

I got through the Reagan years, in significant part, by telling myself, “Wait ’til the Baby Boom Echo hits college, Dave. Then we’ll see the pendulum turn. Then the place’ll start rocking again. Demographics is destiny. Wait for the turn of the millenium.”

And I have to say the ’00s were a bit of a bummer in that regard. The WTO protests were an encouraging start, but then.. not so much.. Occupy Wall Street was great, as far as it went, and more important than some people think, in a “the past is prologue” kind of way.

But still the corporations marched on, with their centuries-long ground war against humans culminating in the Citizens United decision in 2010. What a fucking travesty. From corporations’ right to exist at all, then to monopolize all the money, then to be persons and citizens, and then, because of their size and money, to be the only citizens that matter.

But now, dare I believe, twenty years late, it feels like a new wind is rising? Biden walks the line. Yum. The Endless Hot Labor Summer. Yum yum. Now today, Lina Khan taking it to Amazon. Yum yum yum.

Law and government want to dress it all up but a corporation is people united as a common body. That’s really it.

Come on Millenials. Come on Zoomers. Come on everybody. A common body. Let’s own it. They can’t stop the signal. Earth is rising. Let’s rock this place.

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27 Sep 2023
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