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It’s the second day, THE SECOND DAMN DAY, and my brain already rebels. Fuck you, rule, who are you to tell me I have to write every morning? Who the fuck are you, rule, to try and tell me that?

Cory Doctorow is great. Fact and fiction, righteous fire, activism and optimism, nerd o’plenty. What a role model.

Yes, I do get Bruce Sterling’s dig that Cory could stand to “paint more from the shoulder”, but to me, that’s almost praising with faint damns, given Cory’s range and productivity.

Crank ’em out, man, crankamout.

Later, maybe, when you can slow down a bit.. could circle back to it, the language and flow, pantser impasto.. Can you slow down a bit?

Yah fuck that: Can I speed up, at all?

It was Cory’s “Memex Method” that lead me to be here, to do this right here, yesterday and today.

We’ll see about tomorrow. We’ll just fucking have to see about tomorrow.

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26 Sep 2023
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