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narasimha 31 Jul 2004, 6:12:45 am

Why all the fuss with feeling ordinary? Asimov relates the Roman belief that people are guarded and guided by an array of spirits. A person's specific guiding spirit is her genius. He goes on to state in the (small, but very well written) Words of the Myths that "whatever made a person individual, and different from other persons, was referred as his genius." Ordinary connotes unexceptional, and here appears to be confused with the reality that everyone does face the same trials, but in completely unique and individual ways. Hence *your* response to your own trials is not ordinary. There is no norm. Perhaps it's rather conceit and desire for recognition (all too common, see Pascal) that convinces one he is ordinary in the face of unmet need for this recognition.

Dave Ackley 31 Jul 2004, 4:31:49 pm

Conceit and desire

Okay, you got me.

To state is to overstate, of course. From the physical to the biological to the cognitive and aesthetic, we are each computational stews of common and singular, typical and different.

We love/forget/hate being unique/ordinary/weird, depending; it's about what we do with it.

"All men are created unique, but some end up uniquer than others."

narasimha 1 Aug 2004, 10:59:02 pm

You are a fine writer, but, it is a myth that some "men may be uniquer than others." Uniqueness is directly proportional to the comfort with which one can expand his true self into whatever context he lives in. Everyone is misunderstood as the inner world of the individual is often in distinct duality with the perceived persona had by the world around them. Perceptions can be good, but more often are evil: how many times have you unconsciously hidden your true self? Possibly every day of your life as it's usually not safe to risk disclosure. Are you aware that people around you do the same? You don't really know anyone, really, at all. So the "uniquer" ones are possibly the luckier set who are able to risk noncomformism and display their true selves. Is there a living computation correlate to the private inner lives of humans? A human can easily and completely live in an entire double life of their own making...and thank the universe for this...if we had to live as others see us we would be in torment.

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