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Dave Ackley 30 Jun 2004, 7:56:23 pm

Next/prev, first/last; 'ifile' plugin

OK, well, now we've got links to the next and previous entries, in the left nav and at the bottom. And also a 'Newest'.

I ended up making a '50lc' plugin to do it, which knows about the d/xx/ directory naming scheme, which is pretty pitiful.. But I just couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted in a generic way within blosxom.

..Oh, and I messed up Nelson Minar's nice and tiny 'file' plug-in to make it recursive, so you can have variable substitution taking place on the text slugged in from filedata files.

The result, 'ifile' for 'include file', ain't real pretty but works okay for my purposes. References to $ifile::foo get replaced by the contents of filedata/foo, before interpolation. If the contents of filedata/foo contains a $ifile::bar, then that gets expanded, and so on. Any attempt to do a circular ifile inclusion is blocked.

I need a better place to put this sort of metacrap.

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