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Dick 17 Jul 2004, 11:22:38 am

Off the rack

Hmm. Just noticed that as I'm composing I can't see your original article. Guess I should open another window.

Except that Mozilla 1.7 seems to have something wrong with it. I hadn't adjusted it to open the same page when I select a new window, so when I adjusted the preferences to make it do that it instead presented me with a blank window.

Very annoying.

Anyway. Just wanted to mention that I enjoyed the "we not only bought it off the rack, but got stuck doing the tailoring ourselves" metaphor. (Exactly what I had to do with Mozilla to get it to open a second window with the same page as the first window ... except it *still* isn't doing what I want it to.) Nice.

Dick 17 Jul 2004, 11:24:26 am

Ah ... line breaks!

Comments now look very nice. Thank you for your diligence. (And for responding to user feedback.)

Dave Ackley 17 Jul 2004, 12:48:04 pm

User feedback

Thanks for providing some!

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