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Dave Ackley 1 Jun 2004, 3:40:02 am

Well, 'new to you'...

OK, so one week in and I'm already a loser: Despite my requirement for 'new material', this one is largely not new; it's mostly an excerpt from 'The Story of Computation on Earth (Part I)', which is at least several years old. But, that text has never previously been let out of the house...

Dick 9 Jun 2004, 11:20:48 am


I'm reminded of a Monty Python sketch. I'm sure it has a name, but since I'm not really a geek I don't know what it is.

Michael Palin is the game show host. Terry Jones, dressed as a frumpy middle-aged housewife, is the contestant. Palin is cheerfully oily in an over-the-top Python-parody-of-the-fundamental-disingenuousness-of-TV kind of way. He never stops smiling.

I don't remember what the game show's supposed to be called, or how we get to the question for Jones/housewife, so I'll just skip right to it:

Palin: Here's your question: What famous opponent of cartesian dualism resisted the reduction of mental processes to physical states?

Jones (screeching in a cockney accent): Ooooh, I don't know the answer to that!

Palin: Come on, give it a go.

Jones: I have no idea!

Palin: Just try.

Jones (abruptly): Henri Bergson.

Palin: That's right!

All else is lost. There was probably a prize, or a payoff after the payoff, but I can no longer remember what it was.

Dick 9 Jun 2004, 11:21:54 am


Hey, how come all the line breaks in the comments get lost? We want line breaks, we want line breaks, we want line breaks ...

Dave Ackley 9 Jun 2004, 5:26:12 pm

Line breaks in comments

...working on it! Working on it!

Dave Ackley 17 Jun 2004, 12:20:16 am

Line breaks

OK, I think blank lines (two consecutive 'Enter's) will now flag a paragraph.

HTML character entities (like Å or whatever) are also allowed, but no other other markup---any HTML tags get escaped so they will appear literally.

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Dave Ackley 9 Nov 2004, 11:54:02 am

Wow, my first spam comments

Well, so there we are. Was kind of wondering how long it would be before we got spam in our comments.

These Nov 5 spammos came from, which is in an IP address range controlled by the 'State of Ohio Network'. Grand.

I guess I'll delete the messages soon. But since I don't allow links in comments anyway, at least they're basically unspiderable.


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9 Jan 2010, 3:37:02 pm

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Dave.Ackley 17 Jul 2014, 3:33:51 am

Re Dualism, Bergson, and Monty Python

The name of the sketch seems to be 'Take Your Pick' and it looks like it's John Cleese as the quiz master.


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