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Dave Ackley -- --- ----, --:--:-- --

Well, it's linked..

OK, the software's still a mess --- and especially the comment/writeback stuff --- but it's going.

In the process, I've pretty horribly mangled the limpid simplicity of Blosxom :(. Feel like I need four-way flashers on the site, warning "First time blog software user".

But it'll do for starters.

e -- --- ----, --:--:-- --

and i love reading your writing..

thanks for opening the door into summer 2004.

Dave Ackley 25 May 2004, 4:57:50 pm

Comment dates

OK, well I think we're storing the dates of comments now. So hopefully they'll start showing up like on this post.

Dave Ackley 26 May 2004, 8:28:35 pm

More comment stuff

OK, storing IP addrs too, less for possible white/blacklisting and more just for forensic value if or when.

Dave Ackley 26 May 2004, 8:30:38 pm

What about cookies


Dave Ackley 26 May 2004, 8:32:37 pm

Cookie now?

Jiggled sequencing...

Dave Ackley 26 May 2004, 8:53:12 pm

Yes, cookie now

But some garbage cookie trying to creep its way in as well. Where's that coming from?

Dave Ackley 26 May 2004, 10:08:43 pm

More cookie stuff

OK, I think we're avoiding the garbage HASH(0x..) cookie now, and are actually deleting the cookie if someone unchecks the 'Save my Name..' before posting. Kinda sad you have to post to delete the cookie.. maybe we sh/could check if the args are blank, and not actually post then?

Dick 9 Jun 2004, 8:52:57 am

I hate writing but I love having written.

You forgot: I hate writing but I love being read.

But maybe that statement is implicit in the mere act of starting a blog.

Dave Ackley 9 Jun 2004, 5:20:44 pm

I love being read...

Now, that is cutting more to the chase.

SCA 14 Jun 2004, 7:44:18 am

Comment here because I don't know how to get out. 6/14. My first blog, so I don't know how to interpret it. Is it a revelation of you or of lc? Or somehow both? In the hospital the other day a doctor who wanted to interpret a scan I had just had approached the waiting room when I was standing outside it. He looked in, saw no one, turned to me and said, "Are you you?" I was going to say "I'm me," but he was too fast for me and added, "Mr. A." He then took me into his office and interpreted the scan, but not me. The "me" here is blurred, I think because I'm not with it. I can't make out what it's trying to do -- preserve itself in the face of bits of some order or show the efficacy and limitations of bits. Give me some more hints.

Dave Ackley 14 Jun 2004, 12:35:16 pm

Aiming at somehow both

In my mind at least, it's trying to embody both sides of an ambiguity that you first pointed out to me, in the phrase 'living computation': Taking it, on the one hand, in the sense of artificial life and all the various scientific and engineering and design relationships between living systems and computational systems, while on the other hand, also in the sense of just an individual life lived surrounded by, growing up with, bashing on, thinking about, and playing with computers and computational systems broadly construed.

I redid these comments pages to include the 'navbar' with the links to Home and such on the lefthand side. ..You may want to be cautious about taking as at all paradigmatic for blogs in general.

I think the 'me' _is_ blurred, so far at least, and that is at least some ways kind of irritating. I'm mostly just pretending that something, some more-or-less singular thing, will gradually swim into focus as we go along.

Dave Ackley 23 Jun 2004, 4:58:07 pm

Google loves me! But Why?

As of right now, if you google "high-order bits" --- as a quoted phrase or as individual words --- you get our little blogatroid site as the number one hit. Out of over 20,000 occurrences of that phrase on the web.

How can we possibly be #1 on that query? Nobody knows we're here! It surely can't be PageRank doing it, right?

And get this: googling for 'hate writing love having written' --- as five separate words or as '"hate writing" "love having written"' --- _also_ returns us as #1, despite the fact that (I belatedly discover), the complete exact phrase is all over the web, attributed most often to Dorothy Parker, it seems, but also to Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and 'real writers'. Despite thinking I'd made it up for myself, with that much 'meme flux density', especially in on-writing contexts, I have to assume I was programmed by being told, somewhere along the way.

_Nobody_ attributes it to me, of course... So WTF does google put me at the top?


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-spam message deleted from- 18 Nov 2004, 6:49:51 am

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Dave Ackley 19 Nov 2004, 2:47:53 pm

Spam comments again

OK, the stupid ass spam comments are getting pretty regular here. Cleaning them out is a drag. We're going to have to get some kind of little registration/captcha going here, I fear.

Taking a look at the code, and at the state of Blosxom plug-ins for this sort of thing..

-spam message deleted from- 18 May 2005, 3:59:03 pm

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-spam message deleted from- 18 May 2005, 3:59:38 pm

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-spam message deleted from- 18 May 2005, 4:00:30 pm

spam deleted :(

Dave Ackley 19 May 2005, 6:46:09 pm

Spam Comments Part III

Oh man, so somebody actually spam-posted through my little captchoid block. It took them some hundred tries or so, but so what?

What does this mean? Did an actual human do this? Or somebody tuning up a posting script, thinking to get some leverage beyond just my little blog?

We shall see.

-spam message deleted from- 25 Jan 2007, 5:32:57 am

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-spam message deleted from- 29 Jan 2007, 9:26:32 am

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-spam message deleted from- 11 Apr 2007, 7:29:12 am


spam deleted :(

DaveAckley 19 Apr 2007, 12:45:20 pm


Alright, people are occasionally posting through the captchoid block. Gah.

DaveAckley 19 Apr 2007, 12:47:38 pm


So, hell with it; setting up to flag every comment for later checking...

-spam message deleted from- 5 May 2007, 6:01:13 am

And here's the first spam caught by the new flag.

spam deleted

-spam message deleted from- 12 May 2007, 5:40:38 am


spam deleted.. Wow two in a row from the same IP address.. Very close to one week apart..

-spam message deleted from- 17 May 2007, 2:07:49 pm


back again.. and gah how did I miss this one for a while?

-spam message deleted from- 21 May 2007, 2:20:37 am


and yet another.. Will have to start flat out deleting this, soon..

-spam message deleted from- 24 May 2007, 12:11:01 am

Again, same IP address

Going to just delete these in the future

DaveAckley 15 Jun 2007, 7:37:14 am

Another little test

-spam message deleted from- 18 Sep 2014, 8:15:50 am


How did this get in just a couple weeks ago?

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