Movable Feast Machine Simulator 2.0.10
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This codebase implements a simulator—and, hopefully soon, board support for actual hardware—for a computer architecture known as the "Movable Feast Machine" (MFM). The MFM is designed to offer indefinite scalability emphasize robust-first computing, in response to two fundamental limitations of traditional CPU+RAM computer architecture: limited scalability and inherent insecurity.

Only a very brief overview is provided here; for more information, see the links in Bibliography.

Moving beyond traditional computer architecture

Traditional computing is based on a particular division of labor, an implicit contract, between hardware and software: Hardware starts from unruly physical reality and produces automated logic; software starts from automated logic and produces behavior that is valuable to pay for the hardware and the software both.

Traditional computing in a nutshell: Hardware provides reliability while software provides desirability.

Traditional computer architecture is unscalable and insecure